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Cruising and socializing are the primary goals of the club. When it comes to cruising, the object is to make group trips safe, fun, and "eventful". Everything we do in the way of planning and preparation is for the sole purpose of making sure that everyone involved is comfortable and confident that they will have a great experience.

Overnight Cruises may be to a single destination, such as a yacht club, marina or anchorage, or multiple destinations. Cruises may last for two nights or several weeks.  Generally, single-destination cruises are scheduled for two to four nights.  Most cruises can accommodate both displacement-speed boats (6-8 knots) as well as faster vessels. So, vessel speed is not a factor in participating. Distances between marinas and/or anchorages are normally not great, except for cruises to the Florida Keys or Bahamas.

Prior to leaving on a cruise, whether a single destination or a several week trip, the Cruise Leaders will distribute a "Cruise Booklet" to each Cruiser. It will outline the itinerary, the marinas to be visited, often with maps and instructions for approach to the marina. The book also contains information such as themes that the Cruise Leaders have chosen, (for example: a "pirate party" or a "holiday theme" party). The booklet will outline food arrangements, and when you are on your own for meals. If there are social events, field trips or functions offered, everything will be explained in detail in your "Cruise Book" for that trip.

2024 Cruises and Cruise Leaders
Raft up Roundtable Lake March 2022

Be sure to check the Event Calendar for the most up-to-date information.

Cruise Leaders


Boating events are led by volunteer Cruise Leaders (usually two couples).  They manage all the planning and arrangements.  The Cruise Leaders ensure that you will have a very enjoyable time socializing, partying and enjoying the great boating and cruising opportunities of Southwest Florida. Cruise Leaders also act as ambassadors for the club to the marinas and to the cruisers within the group.

 For short cruises, (1-2 destinations), the Cruise Committee places the cruise on the calendar and arranges for the slips at the marinas for the number and size of boats to be on the cruise. Cruise Leaders on these trips are responsible for arranging food, partying, games, and social events. They also communicate any issues, changes, and/or requests with the dockmasters of the marinas directly, prior to, and during the cruise.

For longer cruises, (3 or more destinations), the Cruise Committee has identified the area, (West Coast, East Coast, Keys, etc.), and has blocked out the dates on the calendar. The Cruise Leaders have the privilege of choosing the destinations, the number of nights at each location, the food arrangements, and any activities. They also communicate with the dockmasters of each destination, arranging slips and boats to fill them. It takes time to put it all together, but the fun and reward is conducting a successful cruise.

On longer cruises, a Captains’ Meeting is held prior to each travel day. During this meeting, the Cruise Leaders discuss the events, destinations, navigation instructions, and any other information that will contribute to a safe, enjoyable cruise.  If you encounter problems during the cruise (run aground, engine or generator malfunctions, etc.), your fellow SWFYC cruisers are there to assist.  Whether it is spare parts, technical knowledge, or just standing by until a tow arrives, you can count on having help.  

We are always looking for volunteers to lead cruises. Leading a cruise is fun and rewarding. First-time Leaders are usually paired with experienced Cruise Leaders.  This way, through observation and teamwork, Co-Leaders gain the knowledge and experience to lead their own cruises.

Cruise Registration

Members register for our cruises at our monthly membership dinner meetings. Normally, short cruises, (one to two destinations), are opened for registration three months prior to the cruise month. Longer cruises, (three or more destinations), normally open four to six months prior to the scheduled cruise month.

There are two ways you can register to go on a cruise. If you attend the monthly membership meeting, there is a cruise sign up table which allows all in attendance the advantage of signing up for newly opened cruises at the event. The second method is to sign up on-line at our website. The "new" cruises that open at the monthly membership meeting become available to everyone at noon the next day. If a cruise is full, you can add your name to the wait list. You will be contacted in the order of signups, if openings arise prior to the cruise. 

The club collects a registration fee of $15.00 for each cruise for which you sign up. The Cruise Leaders establish a budget and assess all cruisers, (including guests), for the cost of the cruise, which includes parties, food at "docktails", and any social events planned by the Cruise Leaders. You will be instructed on how much where to mail your check prior to the cruise. Tips for the marina workers which presently are established at $15.00 per boat, per marina, are also part of the cost of the cruise. The Cruise Leaders distribute all tips during the trip.

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